The encounter is an extraordinary sequence of physical comedy, one calamity adding to another until the finale where, in a crowed clubhouse of American sophisticates, David (in tatters) has to step so closely behind Susan to get away that he uses his top hat to mask the fact that her derriere is just silk knickers because of the rip in her dress. You need to look at this moment in calm and isolation to see that it is shockingly sexual. If it wasn’t so stupid, so screwball, the censor would have stopped it. There’s a lesson here which says you can do the most subversive things if you’re making a comedy. [x]




How about sharing THIS far and wide, rather than leaked nude photos of celebrities? After all, the photos being shared were never publicly released for circulation, but the assholes named in this article have made their statements online, with intention, and this article just points out their hypocrisy. 

That headline tho:

Say hello to men who hate NSA spying but blame women for being spied on